Adventure Doesn’t Call, It Roars.


Developing a fresh new creative strategy and brand identity for an international destination requires not just hard work, but a thoughtful and dedicated approach from all of those involved. We would like to congratulate Niagara Falls USA on revealing a spectacular new vision for the entire region—one that will appeal to local, national and international visitors.

“The brand and the tagline are just a start for us. It’s crafting a message that attracts and engages our key target audiences.”

– Thomas Mooney

We’re grateful to have worked with an amazingly talented group of marketers at Niagara Falls USA to promote the wide variety of scenic and commercial attractions the region has to offer. Our joint efforts are designed to encourage travelers to come, do and experience, rather than merely see.


“It’s hard to watch it [the new brand anthem video] and not want to come to Niagara County, to Niagara Falls, to the Flight of Five, to Lewiston”

– Anne E. McCaffrey, Mayor, Lockport, NY

This platform is the embodiment of the social and economic growth that is building momentum in Niagara Falls USA region.  The March 2017 launch at the Niagara Convention & Civic Center was a great start and only the beginning of attracting visitors to come and explore the entire Niagara area. Thank you to John Percy and Julie Gilbert for the wonderful opportunity to work with you and your world-class colleagues.