Back and 4th


Here at the agency we know, and have always known, that good chemistry coupled with collaboration, a back and forth if you will, with our clients and creative partners is the key to a successful relationship. It’s about working together with openness, trust, intelligence, and drive. We’ve found that a genuine commitment to communication leads to happy clients—and, happy clients lead to outstanding work. It is our belief that good communication starts with two things: mutual dedication to quality and a clearly defined process that helps to optimize how our team’s mix.

Keeping it Real

Catchy marketing mantra, but what does it mean? REAL is an acronym that stands for RELEVANCE, EMOTION, AUTHENTICITY AND LOGIC, our proprietary model for how to build a brand that connects with your consumers, inspires them to act, and provides your marketing spend with long-term ROI. These four pillars have been drawn from decades of experience and are designed to connect emotional drivers with decision making methodologies—harmonizing these four pillars will create lasting brand value.

Discover a Better Way

Here’s why REAL matters—if you want your audience to connect and engage with your brand, you need a proven process. FourthIdea’s process, designed to deliver brand creative that will optimize achievement in each of the four pillars, is time-tested and effective. The four-steps we take to ensure we put a check mark on each of the REAL pillars—discover, strategize, create and execute—ensure that we dial the work product into your specific marketing needs and goals.

The Experience is the Destination

We’re only as good as the bonds we form with our clients, and those bonds depend upon us delivering a premiere client experience. This involves building and earning trust, outstanding communication, easy-to-understand financial reporting, and generally designing our services around the way you operate—we like to say, “the first step in our process is understanding all of yours.”

The Journey Starts Here

We hope we’ve intrigued you enough to reach out with any questions you might have. And if you take the first step by submitting a query, we’ll send you a complimentary field notes—Because a lot of information is going to be shared and we want you to be ready.

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