Perspective is everything


We know that there doesn’t seem to be a lot to be thankful for this year––but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. With everything slowed down, we have the time to truly appreciate what we do have. Here are some of the things for which we’re grateful.

I am grateful for the love of family and lifelong friendships, our health, and our mountain retreat to escape to the beauty of nature.

I am thankful for having my pups and such a strong partner to experience this crazy little thing called life with. I am also thankful to my body for allowing me to maintain a strong sense of mental and physical health during such a trying year.

I am thankful for the escape of the forest and the love of my family & friends.

I am thankful for a sense of optimism that remains through trying times, and for creative outlets to make the most out of this strange year. I am thankful for all the big things too, of course–my family and friends, my cat, my health, good food and a cozy home.

Even though I’m working from home, I’m grateful to have the companionship of my dog, MaCallan. Though I wished he slept less and brainstormed with me more.

Ever grateful for the presence and warmth of family, enduring friendships, colleagues, companions, and the City of Good Neighbors.