What we do

Advertising isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon—one that can carry you to a bright future. To build a brand that can go the distance takes careful planning and execution. FourthIdea takes a strategically driven approach that is the perfect blend of science and art to help our clients navigate their journey.

Our approach is a collaborative one. We work with you to develop insights into your business that become the foundation for each and every creative execution. This way we ensure synergy is generated by a focused and singular brand voice.

Our Services

We’re a full-service agency, offering a wide range of services for most every aspect of marketing. As such, our services are customizable to the needs of your organization.

Brand Strategy

The best brands are authentic. A well-defined brand strategy will be the foundation for a brand that is consistent and true. Our extensive methodology incorporates research, analytics and insights to develop a strategy that tells your unique story.


Art and Copy have been the building blocks for creative excellence since the early days of advertising. While we stay true to that ideal, we also understand that creativity can come from anywhere.  Our staff of of art directors, copywriters, graphic designers, brand strategists, videographers, and digital developers work together to create brands that bring strategy to life.

Filmmaking + Production

Storytelling via film and video is how consumers and clients prefer to interact with your brand—the engagement numbers are staggering. Which makes sense, given how we are surrounded by screens at all times of the day. FourthIdea has developed an approach that maximizes the engagement metrics of video content to give you an even greater return on your investment.

Content Marketing

For marketers seeking engagement and brand loyalty, having a solid content marketing strategy is no longer an option. Different from advertising, content marketing utilizes a multidisciplinary “pull” strategy to position clients as thought-leaders in their respective fields, ultimately delivering a higher ROI on your marketing spend.

Digital & Mobile Development

Today, most information and advertising is consumed on a digital or mobile platform. We understand how these channels can deliver real, lasting marketing value when you skillfully marry the science of data with the art of great creative campaign storytelling.

Emerging Technology

New technologies like augmented and virtual reality are changing our industry by providing more immersive branded experiences. To make sure we stay on the cutting edge for our clients, we immerse ourselves in these and other emerging technology.

Account Services

Successful advertising comes from a strong relationship between agency and client. Our Account Executives are practiced in developing trust through transparency, listening and responsiveness. You will always have one AE as a single point-of-contact to act as your voice in the agency.