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From Inspiration to Action

It starts with a strong, singular idea built on a foundation of insight and strategy. Then our team of writers, art directors, designers, digital developers, and more bring it to life in a variety of channels. Here’s a sample of some of our most recent client work that takes you through our process and shows you the results.

Explore the Other Side of New York

Learn how strategic insight led to an award-winning campaign that seamlessly connected two sides of New York State.

Creating a Brand with Depth

New brand identity, tagline, brand guidelines, umbrella campaign concept, interior signage, merchandise, brand launch campaign

Bringing an American Legend to Life

A local legend says that George Washington drank in every tavern in Dutchess County. Learn how we used AR to tell that story.

The Finish Line is Just the Beginning

As the home of Charlotte Motor Speedway, the County, North Carolina is considered a destination primarily for motorsports enthusiasts. We helped to show that they’re so much more.


executing our vision

We’ve honed our capabilities to be able to unleash our creativity in most any medium. From print and video to digital and augmented reality, our expertise runs the spectrum from the traditional to the cutting-edge.

Account Management

Art Direction + Design

Augmented Reality Development + Deployment

Brand Identity Development

Brand Strategy

Content Marketing


Creative Direction

Digital Marketing

Market Research

Media Planning + Buying

Social Media Marketing

Still Shoot Supervision

Video Production + Post-production


Keeping it REAL

While our creative strategies are always customized for each client and campaign, every one of them will be held up against our four pillars of relevance, emotion, authenticity, and logic. This helps us ensure that every creative initiative will resonate with its intended audience. Following our REAL™ model allows us to create genuine, engaging narratives that emanate from an overall singular brand position.


  • Know who you’re talking to
  • Create meaningful message platforms
  • Know their “language”
  • Tailor the message for the medium


  • Capture their attention
  • Make them “feel” something
  • Be memorable
  • Be unique


  • Reveal what is truly unique about your destination
  • Use research and insights to identify unexpected visitor experiences that will motivate travelers
  • Don’t use hyperbole—let your assets do the talking


  • Prove your point
  • Provide a reason
  • Make sense
  • Make the decision easy

vearing off the beaten path

Visitor Engagement Augmented Reality (VEAR™) blends technology and artistry to meaningfully enhance the visitor experience. Augmented Reality is more than an emerging technology—used properly, it is the next level of customer engagement and an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to destination marketing.

VEAR Sample — Commander in Cheer AR


RAPT attention

Standing for Resourceful Advanced Production Team, RAPT™ brings together a multi-discipline team of visual creators—from videographers and photographers to drone camera operators and video editors— to canvas locations. This lets us provide our clients with a robust bank of imagery that tells the brand’s story from a singular POV.

The FourthIdea RAPT Crew

• Producer
• Director
• Director of Photography
• Camera crew
• Photographer
• Aerial Drone Video/Photographer
• VR/360º Videographer

The Power of Partnership

Mutual growth is a benefit of a collaborative partnership. This is something we look to foster in all our client relationships.


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